A Complete Dog Training Center

Practicing recalls in class


The DogWorks is the premier dog training school in the Puget Sound area. Expert instructors provide courses encompassing the full range of canine training. Basic Obedience helps you develop an excellent relationship with your best friend. Start out right with your new puppy! Formal Obedience increases and deepens the bond with your pet while readying you for AKC obedience events. A great structured way to work with your dog! Rally Obedience offers another opportunity for strengthening your relationship and building teamwork with your dog in a more informal way than formal obedience. Increase your dog's confidence while having fun in Agility. This dog sport is definitely exciting for both members of your team! Focus & Fun explores the bond and communication between you and your dog and is a great class for anyone wanting to strengthen their bond with their dog, build confidence, as well as a pre-agility class to get them introduced to some of the equipment. Finally, our Feisty Fido class helps handler and dog overcome reactivity on leash.

Training with your dog strengthens the bond between you, improving your relationship whether or not you choose to work towards earning titles. Classes are one hour in length, meeting for eight weeks. Size is limited to 12 dogs for maximum individual attention. If you need to deal with a specific issue, or just prefer one-on-one instruction, private lessons may be arranged either at our location or in your home. Courses are offered in a modern, fully-matted, spacious indoor facility in Monroe, conveniently close to SR 522 and US 2.

Bring your dog to class on a flat, buckle-type collar and 6-foot leash. Remember training treats-something small, soft, easy-to-eat, and especially yummy! Cheese cubes or hot dog slices work well. (Hot dogs may be cut and microwaved on paper towels to dry them out. A sprinkle of garlic powder adds zip.) Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

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